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Portrait: Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae

img  Tobias Fischer

The words “Sweden” and “metal” in the same sentence of a review usually indicate speed, Beelzebub, white makeup, that kind of thing. Even worse, sometimes it means the band standing trial is a bunch of simpletons who have a fave Priest/Maiden tune they hope people have forgotten about and they’re shoving it up everyone’s nose without any sort of plan B, ie something original-sounding.

This quintet has neither of these problems, tempering their not-hideously-obvious Maiden influences with singer Per Karlsson’s Paul Stanley dead-ringing. The production is way oldschool, like Metal Church’s first album and stuff; obviously the thing cost exactly $5000 to make in an analog studio with no laptop stuff, just like the old days, so this is a classic in every sense of the term, not least of which musically, ghouling up the holy-crap-octane-level of Priest’s Defender of the Faith.

They’re big mouths too, having sort-of declared war against death metal, a soft target anywhere but within the genre they’re hoping to dent, so they’ve got their work cut out, leaving as their biggest weakness a curveball tune that evinces a sense of humor.

By Eric Saeger

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