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Patricia Kopatchinskaja: The Studio is her Friend now

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And then, there is the duo album by Patricia Kopatchinskaja and Fazil Say. The CD will hit streets on September 16th and contain the Beethoven Kreutzer, Ravel Sonata, Bartok Roumanian dances and Fazil Says Sonata. Say has been said to have fallen in love with the music, predicting the album will turn into a "cult-CD". Here's a clip of Kopatchinskaja and Say giving their all as an appetizer: 

Kopatchinskaja certainly seems as though she is well on her way of turning into a star in the field of studio recordings as well now. Naive might also publish an album with compositions by Fazil Say later this year. It will contain a recording of the world premiere of Fazil Says violin concerto written for "Pat" (as friends affectionately call her) and played by her.

An informed insider had some insightful details on the latter project for us: "At the Montreux Jazz Festival Fazil, Pat and the famous Turkish percussionist Burhan Öcal  presented an abridged and reduced version of the Say violin concerto: Say taking care of the orchesrra and Burhan of the percussion. In fact this version seems to me somehow better than the orchestral version, partly because of the smashing personalities of Fazil and Burhan. Perhaps they will record this too in some future time.", he mailed us, further shedding light on yet another potential release: "In October Pat will do a recording all the works for violin and orchestra (including the early "Fragment") with Herreweghe and the orchestra of the Champs Elysees. The recordings will take place in Metz after a tour of almost two weeks. Herreweghe being originally a psychiatrist he does not fear madness and even welcomes and supports it. They get along very well together." 

Her friend Sol Gabetta, for one, will be happy. Only a year ago, the Argentinian Cellist lamented Kopatchinskaja’s stance towards albums, predicting however: “But I do think she’s starting to change her opinion in this regard!”. How true.

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