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Music Magazine: Unruhr

img  Tobias Fischer


Founded in:

Run by:
Matthias Burzinski

Unruhr is a magazine and blog about the music scene, gigs, clubs and pop- and sub-culture in the Ruhr- and Rhein-area in Germany.

Why we like it:
tokafi contributor Hellmut Neidhardt didn't just design the elegant Unruhr-logo, but is also the website's main music writer, churning out a staggering amount mouth-watering reviews each week. For those capable of the German language, Unruhr offers an inspiring blend of political and creative topics, written in a unique, equally accessible and artistic style. Hellmut's reviews, in particular, play with language in a seemingly naive, yet highly skilful, completely untranslatable way – which hasn't kept us from trying, nonetheless.

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