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Music Magazine: Sound American

img  Tobias Fischer


Founded in:

Run by:
Nate Wooley

Sound American is a quarterly online journal dedicated to the discovery of new and experimental music, offering streaming interviews with composers and performers, contributions from literary and visual artists, and one of a kind opportunities to hear rare archival material from the DRAM site. Curated by experimental trumpet player and composer, Nate Wooley, Sound American is intended as a companion piece to the Database of Recorded American Music. While DRAM maintains its orientation as a research-driven documentary resource, Sound American will present material from the Database in a less formal context, challenging the perception that new and experimental music is somehow joyless and beyond the average listener.

Why we like it:
Sound American makes full use of the web's storage facilities – not for fancy videos, high-res promo shots or distracting multimedia, but for detailed, expansive journalism. In each issue, trumpet-virtuoso, composer and improviser Nate Wooley researches his way through a topic by inviting friends and experts for in-depth interviews or essays. This way, he has already provided for intriguing insights into the work of John Cage (issue 3), the music scene of Philadelphia (issue 5) or attempting to answer the big, historical and politically loaded question of what constitutes American music (issue 4). In tackling this eclectic blend of issues, Sound American offers much-needed context and clarity.