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Music Magazine: Fluid Radio

img  Tobias Fischer


Founded in:

Run by:
Daniel Crossley

Fluid Radio brings you the best in experimental frequencies allowing listeners, artists, producers and promoters to be completely involved in the growth and direction of the station.

Focusing on experimental genres, it aims to provide a space to share in the creative process and spread the experience of inner exploration through musical expression.

The playlist is diverse, encompassing Ambient, Modern Classical, Experimental Acoustic, minimal beats and Abstract sounds. 

Why we like it:
The growth and impact of Fluid Radio has been stupendous. In just four years, the website has turned into the face of the experimental community and a platform highlighting its diversity in full glory. Although primarily a radio station, it now offers a music store and label to boot, while also serving as a forum for the discussion of current topics. Today, some of the most eagerly awaited new releases are previewed on the site, while leading artists from the scene are offering high-class podcasts. In 2013, Denovali Records decided to invite Fluid Radio to co-present the Denovali Swingfest featuring artists like William Basinski. In our opinion, the label could hardly have made a better choice.

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