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Music Magazine: The Drone

img  Tobias Fischer


Founded in:

Run by:
Olivier Lamm, Thomas Rozec, Thierry Gautier, Diego Monet, Marie Raccaud, Slung, Lionel Guerrini, Nicolas Klein, Romain Grenier, Camille Bertini, Camille Larbey.

Filming and interviewing artists that matter – or will matter in the future.

Why we like it:
The Drone were among the first dedicated video music magazines on the web and they have displayed remarkable stamina. The point has never been to churn out one new interview after the other, but to select candidates with care and then present the results with an eye to detail. Although the Drone-interviews are mostly fairly short, clocking in somewhere between eight and ten minutes, this only emphasises their status not just as to-the-point documentaries, but little pieces of art, visually striking and full of insightful original content. In doing so, the Drone-team have built up a catalogue which is sure to remain of great value for years to come, an archive of charismatic personalities from genres like house and techno to experimental rock and electronic sound art as well as including the occasional conversation with journalists and experts.