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Music Magazine: AmbientBlog

img  Tobias Fischer


Founded in:

Run by:
Peter van Cooten

Electronic/Ambient (+related) weblog, with mixes (download/podcast) and reviews.

Why we like it:
Peter van Cooten has been supporting experimental music for almost his entire life. A former broadcaster for Dutch national radio (his program Folio, which ran for three years between 2006 and -09, was one of the highlights of European broadcasting) and a passionate fan of deep atmospheric sounds for decades, van Cooten has turned his personal homepage into an intimate platform for the ambient community. On the one hand, it serves as an archive of his activities, which range from end-of-the-year collages to a plethora of reviews. On the other, it is a great place to keep up with recent developments, the focus being less on long feature stories or interviews and more on recommendations and on providing access to inspiring new music – it is hard leaving his page without having found at least a handful of new personal favourites. AmbientBlog may not be the most hyped music mag out there. But it's here to stay and support the scene for quite some time to come.

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