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Mike Prigodich: A Stitch In Time

img  Tobias Fischer

I’ve said it before, but it does continue to be the case that one can almost never go wrong buying jazz albums for their cover art. Simple, streamlined, a wee bit oldschool while keeping one eye on an increasingly cybernetic world, the art and music itself evoke Weather Report in many ways.

Which makes sense, being that Illinois pianist Prigodich has a Zawinul-like skew on both fusion and bread-and-butter bop in equal measure. Damian Erskine plays the Jaco part well, blowing doors with some impossible, fluttery fractals on “Spanish Swordfight” while his guitar counterpart Brandon Woody confines himself to complicated rhythms with only a few muted solos. “A Measure of Luck” is a commercially viable trifle right out of the 80s featuring a crypto-samba feel Ramsey Lewis wouldn’t have thrown out of bed during that period.

Young broke musicians will be heartened to know that this project was paid for out of donations gathered through

By Eric Saeger

Homepage: Mike Prigodich

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