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Mark Fell: Sentielle Objectif Actualité

img  Tobias Fischer

Containing minute technical information about equipment, sampling sources, 'recommended contextual materials' and which hihat was panned to which corner of the stereo image, the liner notes to Sentielle Objectif Actualité make the manual to an accounting software sound emotional. And yet, they befit a work that sets out to de-compose, re-construct and strip bare the first three entries of last year's Sensate-Focus series. Although he has credited himself with little more than remixing source materials, Fell has actually processed the material to a degree where the distinction between original and interpretation no longer seems applicable or relevant. Sequences of the aforementioned releases are clearly discernible in these seven re-workings, yet they are no longer arranged vertically – i.e. sounding together - but mostly sequentially, just one or two elements playing at the same time before fading away and making way for the next group of motives. Ironically, the nervously catchy kickings of the relentlessly complex bass drum patterns are the closest thing to a constant in a space of continuous transformation, the fixed contours of individual tracks appearing increasingly unstable. What Fell seems to be suggesting here is that the underlying processes, the ebb and flow of events and their positioning on a three dimensional scale are his main focus; or perhaps he has simply taken the notion of process to a point where it actually sublimates directly into sound. But although the actual music may just be a byproduct, it is never without traces of its creator: Underneath the cool, clinical surface, a vast, overpowering sense of emptiness and melancholia is making itself felt – there are plenty of big emotions sleeping in this machine.

By Tobias Fischer

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