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Lyrics Born: As U Were

img  Tobias Fischer

Perhaps owing to this Frisco-area producer/DJ’s maturity, I don’t have a huge issue with this album, which is normally the case when I’m presented with novo-80s disco.

It’s odd to see the words “mixture of Rick James, Scary Monsters-era Bowie, Kool & the Gang, Cee Lo and Snoop” forming on my screen without another sentence talking about how much I detest yuk-yuk baloney like Datarock and whatnot, but there it is. If guilt by association went for anything, LB would be bigger than he is; his old-days cohorts include Blackalicious and DJ Shadow. Could be, however, that mainstream DJ America isn’t ready for an Asian dude with a not-great sense of humor (as evidenced by a couple of pointed but unfunny skits on board this LP), because the songs themselves, a mixture of the influences I just cited, are seriously catchy and a lot of fun.

Then again, fun-time novo-disco DJs would not be the first people led into the mile-deep bunkers if nuclear war ever broke out, and an also-ran income level is better than nothing.

By Eric Saeger

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