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Living her Dream

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If we may believe the gossip, Katherine Jenkins was working as a teacher until two years ago. Things quickly changed with the release of her first two albums, "Premiere" and "Second Nature". With these collections of popular Classical pieces as well as classic Pop tunes and Folk songs, Jenkins rose to national stardom and surpassed Charlotte Churche as her native Wales' favourite figurehead. With the advent of "Living a Dream", she may win over the rest of the world as well.

That is because she is neither afraid nor tired of continuing her winning formula of the last two albums and has the momentum going for her. For one, "Second Nature" (which was released in the US under the spectacularly misguided title "La Diva") just won the Classic FM's "Album of the year" award - made even more precious as it was voted on by the listeners and therefore already more than just hints at the strong effect Jenkins has on a wide audience. And then there's a lot of significant public appearances and live performances that demonstrate how much the 24-year old is demand: She was one of the invitees at the 50th anniversary of the UK's award programme, she sang in front of a packed stadium at the FA Cup Final and she even opened the Live8 concert in Berlin, which was broadcast to millions (or possibly even billions) worldwide. This has everything to do with a stunning combination of factors: A great voice, a well-balanced repertoire and a truly likeable character - it is becoming increasingly hard finding a publication with only one bad word about her. Instead, journalists are trying to outdo each other with comments on how "loveable", "lovely" and "wonderful" she is.

There's nothing wrong with that, nor is there anything to be said about the fact that Kartherine seems to have changed little on her next album. "Living a Dream" contains songs that you will have heard before, but will always like to listen to again - except maybe, for yet another rendition of "Amazing Grace". And those that claim that truly great artists should go for more testing compositions are missing the point. The question is not, whether her interpretation of "Nessun Dorma" matches that of Pavarotti or whether "I will always love you" was better off in the hands (voice) of Dolly Parton or Whitney Houston. But rather whether she has managed to turn them into something distinctively her own.

We will have to wait until October 31st to find out, when the album comes out in the UK. Evil-minded characters will want to see her fail in beating the results of Churche's latest Pop offering (which is besides the point anyway), but no matter what happens: She will never have to go back to being a teacher again.

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