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Infinite Light ltd: Infinite Light ltd

img  Tobias Fischer

A trio of Aidan Baker (Nadja, Arc), Nathan Amundson (aka Rivulets) and Mat Sweet (Boduf Songs). You may recognise the names – and yet, things are not what you might expect from, say, Baker's Whisper Room and its rhythmically propelled pads.

Rather, this is a concoction of drone-folk-psych and postrock fused with a hearty dose of americana-experimental-blues and clear vocals (whenever the song so demands). One of the key characteristics of Infinite Light ltd. lies in how the formation moulds these seemingly contradictory influences into entirely different and unique modes of expression on every single track: Smacking of folk and drones, „Vision of God in a Cowbarn“ could, not just because of its chorus, have been penned by Low; after the opening three minutes, „The Bullet Sent to Kill Me is Already on its Way“, meanwhile, focuses its loose arpeggio-threads into an acoustic postrock-veil, which a band like mogwai (as well as their fans) would undoubtedly cherish. Other pieces are marked by a more open, experimental-improvisatory approach, leaning less towards an immediately tangible format.

This blend may sound comparatively inconclusive on paper. In practise, however, it makes for a perfectly seamless dark desert-soundtrack opened by the bleak vision of „December 12“ and culminating in a broken reprise of „Vision of God in a Cowbarn“ - aural constructs working around the same  mood depicted by Christy and Leo Romanick's congenial cover artwork.

By Hellmut Neidhardt

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