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Growing: Pumps

img  Tobias Fischer

In the same way that it’s hard as a reviewer to report correctly on the actual artistry involved in creating such bizarre sounds as this, it’s difficult to tell what this Brooklyn technologist is genuinely hoping to accomplish.

In layman’s terms, it immediately demands a reality check of the stereo to see if some bagel crumbs got in there somehow; the layering consists of pure glitch on one parallel track, breakbeats on another, and subsonic house on another, ie it’s got a beat and you can dance to it, but are you supposed to? “Hormone” makes use of old-time vocoder – again for nebulous purposes – while the coolest thing on here, “Massive Dropout,” wants to be a Martian’s idea of drum n bass rinse, making use of claustrophobic in-your-face production riding one track and android disco on another, ultimately giving the impression of what your ears hear while you try to shake yourself out of a bad hit of Ketamine.

Never a dull moment here, despite the lack of humanoid vocals, if that helps you any.

By Eric Saeger

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