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Fenn O'Berg: In Stereo/ Nice Music/ Yes/ No

img  Tobias

During these years when you did not perform together as a trio, did you regularly discuss the idea of returning as a band again? What was the spark that made you rent a studio in Tokyo for a week?
Discussions often arose. I guess the spark was a free week in everyone's calendar.

Nine years are a long time. So how did the chemistry of the band feel when you started working with each other again?

The band felt fine and got on really well.

The setup for the new Fenn O'Berg album differs quite considerably from the first albums. Were there some prior agreements on which direction you wanted to go, which instruments you wanted to use?

How would you describe the sessions to "In Stereo"?

8 hours a day. 3 days recording. 2 days mixing.

"In Stereo" is the first Fenn O'Berg album recorded in a studio. But was the recording process really so much more structured for this album compared to your live performances?


The press release maintains that on the finished album, it is "impossible to determine who does what". As you were there when it happened, what would you say, do the individual members of the project contribute to it?

Nice music.

How much editing took place after the sessions, how much material was ultimately discarded and did not end up on the album?
Maybe 70/30.

With you solo projects, you all take the time to refine each element and the album as a whole, is part of the appeal of Fenn O'Berg that you can move from recording to postproduction and release within a few months?

In which way did the sounds of Tokyo vast city inspire some of the music contained on it?
The studio had no windows.

Will you be taking this material to the stage, in a sort of reversal of the previous works?

Fenn O'Berg performed a few shows while in Japan. Everyone involved was happy with the results.

Stereo has been around for some time now. So what's the idea behind the title of the album?

During the first concerts due to limitations of the technology used many of samples had to be in mono. Now stereo is possible.

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