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A Fantasy come true

It sounds as though it were taken from a romantic movie, but we have every reason to believe it: Oksana Kolesnikova had just finished her performance at the historical Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York with an enthralling rendition of her original "Aurora: Fantasy in e minor", when a distinguished gentleman approached the stage and whispered something in her ear.

The gentleman introduced himself as Andrea Bocelli's manager. He said they were already on their way out when he and Andrea were captured by the beauty of the music and wanted to find out who was playing. Andrea and Oksana were then seen musing about the piano, talking about their respective passion for the instrument and for music in general. The result of this brief but intense encounter was an exchange of phone numbers by the respective representatives - and possibly more to come.

Coincidentally, it all happened on Oksana's birthday, April 5th, and Andrea Bocelli's 'SOGNO' was Oksana's first dance when she married her Italian-born husband in July 2000. To make things even more interesting, that night, a national German TV station was doing a documentary on the Waldorf Astoria and included footage of Oksana playing on Cole Porter's piano, and also while she was receiving her birthday cake at the sound of the popular Scottish band 'The Gutty Slippers' playing their traditional bagpipes. Quite a show.

The birthday surprise stunt at NBC Studios with Late Night Show TV host Conan O'Brien was also memorable. Oksana was sitting in the very first row, a few feet away from Conan. The funny-haired man, already familiar with Oksana from previous correspondence with her management, 'flirted' with Oksana after sending her bodyguard to hug various men in the audience -- including his drummer and band leader Max Weinberg, who gave him his drumsticks as a souvenir. Conan kept messing around with Oksana until he had to go on air.

With these two major wishes unfolding right on her birthday, don't you tell us there's no such things as miracles!

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