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Discovering Vierne

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French composer Louis Vierne (born in Vienne, no kidding!) had a hard life: Born blind, his parents despised of him, even after an operation was able to offer him partial sight. Many of his relatives and friends died at an early age and his beloved instrument, the organ, was never really accepted as equal to the piano. However, he turned out a succesful man nevertheless, who was mostly praised for his teaching (students include Nadia Boulanger and Olivier Messiaen) and his Bach-editions (still considered one of the finest in the world today). As the (Church) Organ slowly but surely is gaining ground and has made a comeback in experimental electronics, Jazz (!) and Metal (!!), so has the star of Vierne. We should at this point mention the fabolous webpage by Eric Meece devoted to the man and his work, which everyone interested in finding out more should definitely visit.
And now, French label Timpani is even shedding some light on his Non-organ pieces. "Melodies" has already reached the second volume of a series that aims at publishing Vierne's complete songs. Soprano Mireille Delunsch and Pianist François Kerdoncuff are bringing some fantastic music to life and will surely draw the world's attention to an as yet undervalued composer. Be one of the first to get to know him!

Homepage: Timpani Records
Homepage: Louis Vierne Fan Page

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