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Dirty Demos: Navigating Around Boxes

img  Tobias

What's the story behind the Dirty Demos release schedule slowing down a little in 2009?
The main reason is is due to lack of storage space. At the moment I just rent a room in a house, and it's already getting difficult to navigate around all the boxes of merchandise! It's also partly because of plans to dedicate more time to my own sound projects this year, so expect new material and shows from Dead Wood, No Context and I Before E.

The first release ever on Dirty Demos was on Vinyl. After 38 CD-Rs you're returning to the format this year. A one-off or the beginning of a new era for the label?
More of a gradual progression really. As an avid record collector myself, vinyl is something I've always enjoyed and very special to me. Dirty Demos was set up in 2005 with a friend, and we put out the Sound_00/Iversen 7" together. After that initial release, my friend left the label due to other commitments. At the time I couldn't afford to continue with vinyl on my own, so I went down the route of handmade CDRs. I've always been keen on DIY ethics, so this seemed like the obvious solution. During the past few years I've got some money together from CDR sales and my own savings, so can now afford to release some vinyl again, plus there's plans to do more in the future. CDR releases will still happen, just at a slower pace than before.

What can you tell us about those two upcoming Vinyl releases?
Firstly will be a 7" by Blackpepper titled 'VQAREKK'. Expect twitched out breakbeat and wonky melodies. Blackpepper is one of my favourite artists, so this is a real pleasure for me. Secondly will be I Before E - 'Time is No Healer' lathe 7". Both have been planned for some time now, and I'm happy to say this year they will finally happen. I'm very excited! As with all previous releases, these will be limited editions.      

What else is up for Dirty Demos in 2009?
There will be CDR releases by the likes of (etre), Blackpepper, Dead Wood and Jason Kerley amongst others, plus hopefully some more lathe 7"es too. There will also be ocassional church shows taking place in Dorset, UK which will be jointly curated by Dirty Demos, plus those fine folks at Dead Sea Liner and Noctilucent.   

In a very short time, Dirty Demos has built a vast back catalogue and built a network of friends and likeminded imprints. How do you avoid loosing track of things?
I mostly scrawl notes and lists on scraps of paper, and try to respond to emails straight after reading them. This is not always the case though, and sometimes I do have to rely on my poor old memory!! Dirty Demos is very important to me, so I always do my best to keep things in check

Current releses on Dirty Demos include „Track and Field“ by I Before E as well as DVD „To Semiturn“ by Lois Laplace, „an abstract video filmed on a ship travelling around the world“.

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