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Dirk Serries: Immortalises himself on microphonics

img  Tobias

Next to promoting the Eightfold Model, Serries has been busy with what probably will amount to his most intimate session ever. After more than twenty years in the business, „Microphonics“ will mark the first record under his regular name and offer real-time Guitar improvisations over looped textures of prepared effects and pedal sounds. And yet, it merely catches a process on tape, which had been an organic part of each and every performance over the years: „The approach and technique has always been present and often featured as a sort of rehearsal/jam before I started to record as vidnaObmana or fear falls burning“, Serries stated on the microphonics MySpace site, „Never before did I actually think about recording or releasing the music, it was too personal, too basic and minimal. Time brought a solution and more than ever I realized that this has been the foundation for everything I've done, whether it was vidnaObmana or fear falls burning.  I don't see this as a new project but as a confirmation and 'immortalization' of who I am and what makes me tick as a musician.“

Next to premiering the Dirk Serries brand, „microphonics“ will also constitute a debut in the sense that it is the first full-length recorded outside of Serries' own studio. Thanks to the capable hands of the crew at High Lake Hill Studio and making use of six microphones to record five pieces of slowly drifting, cohesive yet always changing structures, the album has turned into a work which bares various references at the same time: „For some of my listeners, this will be a return to the harmonies I created with vidnaObmana, for others it might be new or it resembles the more eerie fear falls burning.  Either way I firmly believe that releasing it under my own name is most truthful and logical.  Hopefully you'll share this with me...“

Picture by Charles of Tonefloat

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