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Deutsche Grammophon: Updated Shop offers Enticing Experience

img  Tobias
In terms of presentation already, the new site is a pleasure to peruse. You can either ask for albums to be displayed in a usual list of cover shots – or to flick through them like standing in a record store. Flipping the mousewheel vertically up and down will have cover images shooting by, while left-clicking on one will present you with the record’s contents, download options and listening snippets. While the majority of the back catalogue will still be sold as 320kb MP3s, more recent releases will be digitised as lossless FLAC files, eliminating the last minor audio discrepancies between the Web and the physical CD format.

All of this is merely fluff compared to a fascinating new sales model which Deutsche Grammophon are championing for their Web Shop. As of today, users will not only be able to order a physical copy of the album or buy individual tracks or entire albums, but to pay 99€ cents/99$ cents for a one-week stream of a complete record. This option therefore allows listeners to spend considerable time with the album before buying it or to decide against it alltogether. Should one buy it after all, the 99cents will be counted into the purchase price.

A quick test of abovementioned feature proved that this is indeed an easy and comfortable shop to navigate and a very enticing one, even though some of the more interesting releases are actually not yet displaying the streaming option (such as Mauricio Kagel’s “Exotica” – watch out for that cover!). No doubt, practical usability is a different chapter, so your experiences with this model are welcome in the comment section!

Homepage: Deutsche Grammophon Web Shop

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