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Denis Patkovic: Accordionised Goldberg Variations cause Bomb Alarm

img  Tobias
Effectively, “Erz” is not just an artistic answer or meditation on themes and motives, but a symbiotic sonic organism, interlocking with and entwining itself around the Goldberg Variations’ body. Denis Patkovic moves fluently between Bach and Tiensuu, establishing a groove of at first bizarre bipolarity, which however turns out to be fully complementary in the end. Since the world premiere of the piece in Tokyo 2006, Patkovic has performed the programe several times to initial scepticism and growing acceptance and enthusiasm. As could be expected, the Hänssler release will be followed up by a tight and extensive touring schedule, taking Denis Patkovic and his instrument through a slew of European and Asian countries.

It is to be hoped that Security officers at the airports he is about to visit as a frequent traveller have by then become accustomed to his Accordion. At the moment, the heavyweight instrument still causes plenty of confusion: “I regularly ignite the bomb alarm at security checks and get waved into a side room where the situation becomes very tense as security don’t know what they are dealing with.“, Denis Patkovic smiles wrily, admitting, however, that after all doubts had been cleared, in promptu concerts for security guards always palpably improved relations.

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