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Darklight Corporation: Darklight Corporation

img  Tobias Fischer

Once you get past the default-mode drunk-pirate bellowing of singer Fabio Santos you’ll notice much similarity to Ministry on the part of this New Zealand foursome.

They convey an anger-management style that’ll work as well for fans of KMFDM, especially in opening track “One Man Revolution,” with its hollered tag syllable of “rise” upping the anarchic ante (I wouldn’t have advised using antiquated Deep Purple-style organ for the fadeout, but don’t let me stop you kids from believing oldschool is your only hope). “Nailbomb” follows with a crazy-PO’ed mid-tempo grind riff, again in the fashion of Ministry, and then it’s on to 80s death/speed metal for “Born To Govern,” which only loses an edge when Santos resorts to government-issue screams instead of digging deeper to get at his inner hate.

This all may sound a bit juvenile, but have no doubt that these guys are on the right track – a little more rage (and a few extra dollars in the studio) and they’ll be freezing blood in the same way that Jourgensen’s crew did in the closing scene from Hurt Locker, which, dammit, is what all you metal weenies should be aspiring to, if you can one day just get your head out of stuff that sucks.

By Eric Saeger

Homepage: Darklight Corporation

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