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Cyclic Law: Gives birth to a sister (and she's screaming!)

img  Tobias

The release of this record actually makes Twilight Foundation come full circle. After all, the band was previously known as “The Mass”, releasing a self-produced CD in 2004, entitled “Towards Darkness”. With this raw, rancid and raunchy disc, which already owed a lot of the group’s temperament and channeled aggression, yet lacked the ambient component, the threepiece toured the country as a support to “Longing for Dawn”. That band, meanwhile, had their music supported and distributed by (you might have guessed it) Frederic Arbour. Confused? Then let’s put it like this: If you enjoyed the more recent Nadja releases (or thought the reviews on these pages sounded interesting), then "Solemn", a powerful tour de force might well be your thing.

Next to this move, the traditional line of Cyclic Law will also be featuring two new albums, which had been in their pipeline for quite some time: Tholen’s “Sternklang” and “Akrasia” by Sinke Dus. Tholen is the ambient moniker of “Eisen”, the man behind projects such as Rostiges Riesenrad and Weerhaak. As we were in the lucky position of having been allowed a glimpse of this CD long before its publication date, we can already claim that this will be a feast for friends of the galactic branch of Dark Ambient – which Cyclic Law has regularly propagated with albums by Gustaf Hildebrand, among others. Sinke Dus, meanwhile, deals with the question of how it feels to act against better judgement and with clear knowledge of the wrongness of one’s path. Markus Lonebrink has created a romantic soundscape of autumnal timbres and with a strong subcurrent of yearning and unfilled desire.

“Sternklang” by Tholen and “Akrasia” by Sinke Dus will again come in the luxurious foldout Covers Cyclic Law has become famous for and are now ready for preordering.

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