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CD Feature/ Tying Tiffany: "Undercover"

img  Tobias

“Undercover” comes as a blow to the educated. For hundreds of years, “serious” music has stressed the importance of the “will” and the “mind” to attain salvation. The physical qualities of this world were to be overcome, if the soul were to reach higher spheres. They had obviously never danced to the mantra beat, whose last incarnation was the techno wave of the late 80s and early 90s, a phenomenon which some intellectuals still managed to dress in words of supposed wisdom. With Tying Tiffany, at last, the train of transfiguration has finally departed.

“I cannot expect to be taken serously because my music is very light...” she says herself and such an openhearted statement is mostly either a sign of naivety or calculated marketing. Here, it is part of the deal. Which says: Don’t think, have fun, explore and experiment. On the surface, these are pure and simple electro pop songs with a dance edge to them, chrunching guitars laid over craggedly stomping bass lines; digital punk anthems to let go completely and celebrate. The irony contained in “Undercover” has certainly been overrated - what irony is there in enjoying life to the max after all? No, the source of lightness on this album stems from a hearty dose of humour, casualness and from finding decidedly demonstrative phrases like “I want to be your MP3”. And if a song is called “LCD Soundsystem is playing at my house” it means you’re in for a party, not a lecture about the virtues and vices of noise. Still, there is a second side to things, which has to do with the spirit of freedom with which the record took shape. Liberated from expectations, Tiffany, her producer Lorenzo Montana and co-writer G. Cerri have discovered a sound somewhere between minimal techno, eurodance, electronica and acid, which works equally in the mind and the clubs and it certainly takes some nerve to couple a James Bond pastiche with dog barking or to preceed the fluffy charts material of “Honey Doll” with a rompstomp of distorted gabba-bassdrums and frenzied shouting.

All of this goes straight into the face of easy categories and stuffing things into drawers, which is why many will hate “Undercover” from their deepest guts. Just like life’s what you make it, this album seems to ask what it’s going to be: Staying home alone, pouting on your couch or putting your hands in the air “like you just don’t care”. Don’t be a smart alec, go for the latter!

By Tobias Fischer

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