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CD Feature/ Pablo Reche: "Conexión ep"

img  Tobias

For a genre which still likes to refer to itself as „experimental“, Sound Art has by now firmly established its own cliches. In most cases, one can tell which direction a particular release is going to go just by listening to the first seconds of a piece. Sonic decisions are preferably taken with almost slavish respect to generally accepted timbral ideals. Not so with Pablo Reche, however. Operating at the borderline of Dark Ambient, Microtonality, Noise and Drones, Reche has established a discography which is as international (including releases in his native Argentina, Puerto Rico and Australia among others) as it is daring and diverse. Bipolarities like organic and machinal, accessible and wilful, aggressive and consoling, cold and sensual or upfront and meditative rarely seem like contradictions with him and are seamlessly integrated into a language shaped by a nuanced sense of layering and careful integration of different thematic strands.

The outcome of this technique is by no means strictly conciliatory or comforting. As „conexion“ once again proves, however, it is always marked by a firm determination of establishing an honest and fair dialogue with his audience. While the confrontation with his music certainly requires active listening and requires a curiosity towards the unknown, Reche demands the same minute attention towards the inherent qualities of his material from himself. The superficial characteristics of sound rarely guide the course of a track. One could even say that he is not particularly interested in finding new and unfound sounds at all – possibly under the impression that there may be quite enough of them already. Instead, the interaction between the colours and musical motives on his palette delineate his area of intent and mark the outer limits of the territory his pieces grow in.

„camp“, for example, opens with a raw and unhewn, yet subdued and tranquil amplifier feedback drone.  Over the course of just four and a half minutes, Reche then proceeds to place sustained ultrahigh frequencies, delicate bell-tones, short rhythmical gnawings and various distant resonances on top of it. Taken on their own, elements are pointing in different directions, appearing quite crude. But through their at first almost casual interaction, the music folds in on itself, establishing a process no longer dictated by individual functionalities and potentials. None of these sounds actively tells the listener what do feel or think but Reche doesn't leave his public standing alone in the cold either. Through concise and creative dramaturgies - dominated by dynamics, distortion-effects or all but imperceptible transformations – he creates the sensation of movement, transport and constant change.

The Noise factor is more apparent on other occasions, when walls of sizzling and milling intensity close in on the spectator. But the action always seems to take place somewhere else, as if Reche were trying to reconstruct the immediacy of an Industrial performance from memory. Likewise, his pieces are never quite „there“, occupying a space between fixed coordinates and sailing in unmapped waters. If this is indeed an „experimental“ release, though, then it is a remarkably controlled one: The brevity of this EP, which clocks in at a mere sixteen minutes, and the extreme precision of the tracks contained here defy the notion of this representing an arbitrary trip into the unknown which could have just about gone anywhere. Pablo Reche is keeping his hands on the wheel at all times, cutting his creations off before they grow stale or fully reveal their secrets.

By Tobias Fischer

Homepage: Pablo Reche
Homepage: Con-V Recordings

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