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CD Feature/ Haco, Hans, Jakob, Marcos

img  Tobias

In a time very far from now, four musicians will meet in a studio in Tijuana, Mexico and start playing. The first will be Marcos Fernandes, owner of the accretions label (which will, three years after the session, release the album) and one of San Diego’s most avid future jazz performers. The second will be Hans Fjellestad, famed director and a laptop artist on a neverending tour. Japanese “Vocalist/lyricist-composer/multi-instrumentalist/sound-artist” Haco will be third in line, a multi-talent who will sport a homepage in plain text format, containing enlightning articles on issues such as “Happy Proof of Intelligent Life beyond the Pop Mainstream”. And then there will be Jakob Riis, hailing from the “rotten state of Denmark” and performing in more ensembles than we could possibly name here. Together, they will embark on a sonic journey beyond compare.

In a time very far from now, four musicians will record five pieces of almost exactly equal length and then arrange them in ascending order. The first will sound like a dialogue between various percussive instruments and a broken sequencer in close proximity of a humming generator. The second will commence more energetically, with wild drum rolls and squeaking noises, before entering a canyon of delay and echo, full of twinkling bells and morse-coded vibraphon messages. On the third one, a recently hatched bird will sing a ten minute long song from the remeains of his egg shell. Scenes from a future Science Fiction movie, shot in complete black and stuffed with sensory supplements, will dominate the fourth track. The fifth piece will be a love song, as romantically bouncing notes dance a strange waltz to a passionately detuned miniature saxophone. The sounds deriving from the Synths and laptops will alternately resemble a burning, a frizzling, a bubbling, a rubbing, a smacking and a scouring. Haco’s toys and voice will add a naive charme, as if the music were being played by a group of dolls inside a Fisher Price village. And Marcos’ Fernandes’ Drums and Percussions will asign a clear status to each of the elements, engaging in atmospheric sleepwalking, rhythmic patterns or a build up of tension. The players will have all the freedom in the world, yet each of their works will have a recognisable structure and a character of its own, as if everything had been minutely planned in advance. The album will be fifty minutes long, it will not contain a single melody in the usual sense of the word or a chord progression in the Western mindset and it will not be boring for one second.

The music will sound like nothing you have heard before. Maybe you will, at first, believe this to be a random collection of sounds. If you have listened to some of the other accretions releases, you will recognise the Jazz aspect of things, the effort to capture something unspeakable (or not even yet existent) in sound. You may actually find it breathtakingly exciting and awe-inspiring, without really being able to say why. But in a time very far from now, your children’s children’s children’s children will play this record in whatever format the future will come up with and think to themselves: “This is the coolest thing we’ve ever heard!”

By Tobias Fischer

Homepage: Marcos Fernandes
Homepage: Haco
Homepage: Hans Fjellestad
Homepage: Jakob Riis
Homepage: Accretions Records

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