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CD Feature/ Behrouz: "Nervous Nitelife - Pure Behrouz NYC"

img  Tobias
One way for me to atone for not having written up Oscar G’s recent Nervous Records entry Innov8– stomping, organic, blissful, essential collection of tribal house that it is – was to somehow survive this nearly-as-good mix thrown together by the top-dog DJ of Pacha Ibiza, a dance club you’re instantly familiar with if you’re young and have enough money to make normal rich people hate your guts.

2 CDs here, the first one leading off with King Street Crew’s old-school “Things U Do 2 Me,” a tiresome warmup that’s only missing a voiceover describing a Florida timeshare and sleepy videotape of golfing. Behrouz is, however, a cagey sort, and tends to throw in everything including the kitchen sink, so as the classic house sounds start to peter off (Equinox’ bigger, oddly hip-hoppish “Heavenly” is a brilliant next step after King Street) the caustic, Massive Attack-ized vocal from Manuel Tur and DPlay’s “Deviate” serves as a most logical change. The ensuing buildup erupts at Roberto Rodriguez’ “Camera Obscura,” its finger-snap rhythm slowly turning feral under a funky but agile soft-shoe stutter-step layer.

Bingo Cache’s Jamaican-snake-god-worshipping “Dancin’” is a killer no matter who’s doing the rub, and Behrouz assigns it a rhythm that makes the seam completely invisible.

By Eric Saeger

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