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B/B/S: Coltre/Manto

img  Tobias Fischer

Not for the first time, Midira Records are releasing an album whose basic tracks were recorded live at the Christuskirche in Bochum. For good reason: Anyone lucky enough to have been present the night B/B/S recorded Coltre/Manto, their second album after their Brick Mask debut, live in concert, will remember the perfect sound of the church – and the way it naturally complemented the music of this experimental drone trio made up of Aidan Baker, Andrea Belfi and Erik Skodvin. 

One could almost claim that this sound not only frames and connects the individual contributions of the instrumentalists, but actually expands it, inviting the performers to arrive at an intuitive interaction through their personal inspirations, weaving a powerful web of filigree shapes revolving around a percussive centre. Drummer Andrea Belfi's contributions – rhythmically propelling forward and adding a sense of structure to clouds of drones and grating noises - can hardly be under-estimated here: The two pieces included on this vinyl LP present the band in a state of euphoria, constantly verging on the edge of a cliff. 

You can clearly hear aspects of the solo work of each artist here, and yet, as part of B/B/S, the band are finding a distinct new, personal vocabulary: A language made up of movement and shifts, of space and statics. 

By Hellmut Neidhardt

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