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Arctic Monkeys – New Album, Les Voix De Gaou, and George


I’m getting tired of that excruciating wait for Arctic Monkeys follow-up album to “Suck it and see.” How many years has it been anyway?  But thank you, Matt Helders’ mum, for confirming that the lads are in the desert. Yes, even the band members themselves announced that they’ll be touring Europe this year for that long-awaited album. Neat! Let’s just hope vocalist Alex Turner isn’t sporting that Elvis haircut any more. That’s really an eyesore.

Who wasn’t in awe when they performed at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony in London? Starting with my favorite song “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor” and following up with a brave cover of also one of my favorites, “Come Together”, I was just left standing in a sea of thousands of people speechless. But enough reminiscing, that agonizing wait is still unbearable. Well, at least I can play their songs on infinite repeats as I play whatever games I can get my hands on. There’s also the online table at to kill the time. Hey, I happen to be good at getting my bets right. And with Arctic Monkeys singing on my media player as I upsize the pot, things just keep getting good for me. I never fail at bluffing or getting high cards. And who knows? I might get their new album and concert tickets handed to me after I’m done killing time with Texas Hold’em Poker.
On the 16th of July, Arctic Monkeys will be performing at Les Voix De Gau in Six Fours. Now I don’t know about you, but I’d save my money just to see my favorite band rocking on the stage once again. Alex Turner’s smooth voice, Jamie Cook’s awesome leads, Matt Helders’ thundering drums, and Nick O’ Malley’s funky bass groves, it’s just impossible to get enough good music in one go. If only the new album is here, I’d stop playing Humbug over and over until my ears finally bleed.
Now if you’re too excited and you just can’t wait to see them, you can visit their official site and check out where they’ll perform next. This reminds me, the Sasquatch Festival is just 3 months away. So if you’re in near the place on that date, then this one’s worth a look. Other big named bands like The Postal Service, Mumford and Sons, Vampire Weekend, Bloc Party, and so on will be participating. Well, the 4 day gig is one of the biggest events in the whole world. So of course it’s going to be a blast.

Now I guess I probably have to look for a job since I can’t afford those concert tickets. Concerts are awesome, but it’s just impossible to dish out lots of cash in one go. But they do give a huge bang for my buck, so what the hell, right?

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