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Aidan Baker: Drone Compendium 1 / Pure Drone

img  Tobias Fischer

Aidan Baker and his doom-duo Nadja have been part of Beta-Lactam-Ring-Record's quickly growing roster for some time. And with regards to the luxurious covers and formats of the label, there's certainly no reason to complain for friends of their music. Their latest collaborative coup now consists of a Drone Compendium: a six-LP overview of Baker's work, allowing him to trace back musical and personal connections within his oeuvre – although, truth be told, the sheer size of his output prevents even this extensive compilation from being even remotely complete. For those who pre-order all six albums on vinyl as a subscription, there's even a seventh slab of vinyl, unavailable on its own, beckoning with exclusive new acoustic versions of selected Baker compositions.

Pure Drone, the first release of the series, is an Aidan Baker solo affair. The titles of the two pieces contained on it - „pure“ and „drone“ - are not precisely surprising, but they make for perfect descriptions of their musical content. Mirroring Baker's signature warm production, next to nothing is happening here. And that's just the way it should be. The music takes on a meditative character and those who can appreciate his particularly quiet works, there's plenty to enjoy. The sound is deeply textured, bass-heavy and almost physically tangible. Regardless which side you're spinning, it makes you wish the music'd never stop.

By Hellmut Neihardt

Homepage: Aidan Baker
Homepage: Beta Lactam Ring Records

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