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Adaledge: Vintage Feelings

img  Tobias Fischer

First Shigeto, now Adelage - something's decidedly stirring in the electronic underground: Drum beats are infused with organic irregularities more complex than any drum computer could ever be programmed to devise. Arrangements are shedding the shackles of linear movement, following intriguing new logics of their own. And the digital sequences of intelligent dance music are being traced back to the minimalists' principle of pulsation. A music outside of all categories is budding, a streetwise blend equally influenced by Jazz, Fusion, Ambient and Classical Music, by academia and the gutter. Ron Wilde, head of Triple Down Records, refers to it as „compositional electronic music“ and as vague as that description may sound, it strangely makes complete sense.

„Vintage Feeling“ is a perfect appetiser for the kind of multidimensional works this approach is capable of yielding: „Lionest“ opens with what could be a  reference to Philip Glass, then drifts through a space filled with bewildering counterpoints, counterintuitive rhythmical changes and dissonant Marimba patterns, while „File that under never“ possibly constitutes contemporary composition's first foray into the realms of Electronica. The background story to the album is, apparently, that the two label founders overheard the music in a bar one night by complete coincidence and that Adaledge won the lottery and his since spent every single day composing. After listening to „Vintage Feelings“, that story doesn't actually sound all that improbable any more.

Homepage: Triple Down Records

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