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Accretions All Stars

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Marcos Fernandez' accretions label is one of those outfits that hasn't blindly chained itself to a certain style or genre, but rather to the exact opposite: The common goal is to be diverse and to take experimentation just about everywhere, as long as it's stimulating and colourful. A collection of tracks by San Diego's finest, the Trummerflora Collective, now makes for an excellent way to get to know the company and its artists a lot better.

"Rubble 1" follows in the steps of a previous disc highlighting the Collective's live work - which makes sense, as the stage is really the place where many of these acts, with a strong interest in jazz and its methods, feel best. Still, "Rubble" is by no means a lukewarm affair. All contributions see artists in fine form and treat listeners to a bumpy and highly enjoyable ride. Damon Holzbarn, who has had noticeable success besides his efforts as a composer and performer with his zucasa portal (The Wire named it one of online music's 25 most important sources), contributes "If we're all going to get it", a very tangible and organic field recording, while Perfektomat are not afraid of being labeled HipHop. Nathan Hubbard describes his interests as "exploring the possibilities of sound and embracing the passing of time" - his piece "Sundials II" is said to "serve as an abstracted miniature piano concerto and allows the listener a brief moment of reflection". Apart from that, there's Singer-Songwriter Collaborations, Avant Jazz, Percussive attacks and Acoustic Improvisations. It may be many different things, but it sure isn't boring.

Apart from that, the related voz alta project presents a combination of poetry and percussions when Dr. Rodney Peffer will read verse by Baudelaire, Breton, Lorca, Neruda, Walt Whitman, some others and himself. Peffers poems have been published in various magazines throughout the States and his live act places itself in a tradition with Robert Bly by accompanying the reading with electronic drums (a Roland HDP-15 Handsonic electronic drum set will be played, as we're informed). Even though the good Dr. has also entertained lectures on every continent except for Asia and Antarctica, don't expect academics, but some exacting entertainment instead.

Peffer is unfortunately not included on the CD, which makes this compilation no less fascinating. And don't let its name scare you off: This rubble is both tough and tender.

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Homepage: voz alta

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