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Review Guidelines

tokafi has always relied significantly on discovering exciting new works by artists sending us their releases. So many thanks for offering to share your music with us – we really appreciate it!

As of January/February 2012 (and in connection with considerations outlined here), we have decided on some significant changes in terms of submissions. As part of these changes, we encourage you to send in digital copies of your work, but may actually buy a physical copy directly from you should we decide to review it.

Here is an overview of the most important points:

Why send in material
A review on tokafi is not a promotional item. It is a discussion of your music. It is about selection and choosing the extraordinary from an ever-growing ocean of music. This is why our reviews tend to be more in-depth, less about judgement and more about the underlying motivations of a composition – and why they tend to take longer to write.

What material to send in
The selection of music presented on tokafi is not delineated by genre borders. What we're interested in are inspiring ideas as expressed through music. If you believe your work meets this criteria, it doesn't matter whether you're singing the blues or sculpting sound, whether you're into Mozart or black metal.

How to send in material

For various reasons, we strongly prefer digital submissions over physical copies:

  • They're more ecologically-friendly
  • They level the field in terms of shipping costs for artists and labels inside and outside the EU
  • They allow us to distribute the music more easily among our editors

Whenever possible, therefore, please send us your music through a download link to or by means of a streaming service.

About us buying your music

In some cases, a physical copy of the album may benefit the review. In these instances, we may actually decide to buy the album from you. For one, this allows us a higher level of objectivity. Secondly, it recognises the real value of the music and supports those creating it.

About feedback

Due to the high level of submissions, we can not reply to questions relating to a potential review. We'd rather use it to listen to your work and write about it. Feel free to get back to us and to „remind“ us. But please be aware that we will most likely not respond. We hope you understand.

We look forward to hearing from you!