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15 Questions to Kreidler

img  Tobias Fischer

Hi! How are you? Where are you?
Enlightened. We are back from two concerts in Mexico, where we had an amazing, amazing audience.

What’s on your schedule right now?
Just finished our forthcoming album scheduled for release in March 2011. Now working on accompanying stuff, like photographs, press release et al.

You recently contributed a track called “Venusia” to a new compilation called ‘Different’ on Boxer Recordings – how did you first get in touch with Boxer?

I know Peta back from the time in Cologne when the Liquid Sky was our favorite hangout, also the place where both of us deejayed. We've been familiar with what the other does for years.

What is the story behind your track “Venusia”?

It's named after a novel of Irish science fiction author Mark von Schlegell. But it doesn't work as an illustration. It's more a kind of an extension of that story, or a scene which didn't make it into the novel. And of course a hint that you should read this brilliant book.

What other track(s) on the Different compilation are you excited about?

There are all great artists on the compilation. How can I possibly highlight anyone? I mean, we are proud to be on an album together with Khan.

How would you describe and rate the music scene of the country you are currently living in?
Still very very exciting. Still lots of expressions of freedom in idea, content, and form. Maybe only comparable to countryside USA (and unknown Africa).

Do you see yourself as part of a certain tradition or as part of a movement?
Movement always. Tradition, too.

In terms of composition, what do you consider your main challenges?
A declaration of war on society.

How would you describe your method of composing?

There is no method, just tactical movements: Action speaks louder than words. We are fighters, not writers.

In which way, would you say, is your cultural background reflected in your work?

I don't understand. We are doing culture - what is the background here, what's the foreground?

What constitutes a good live performance in your opinion? What’s your approach to performing on stage?
To rock.

How, would you say, could non-mainstream forms of music reach wider audiences without sacrificing their soul?
If the mountain won't come to Mohammad, Mohammad must go to the mountain.

You are given the position of artistic director of a festival. What would be on your program?
I'll think about that, when it actually happens.

Many artists dream of a “magnum opus”. Do you have a vision of what yours would sound like?
As mentioned above, we move. We move tactically. Not strategically.

Kreidler's "Venusia" is included on the "Different" compilation on Boxer Recordings.

Kreidler Discography:

Riva (A Contresens) 1994   
Weekend (Kiff SM) 1996   
Appearance And The Park (Kiff SM) 1998   
Mort Aux Vaches (Mort Aux Vaches) 1999   
Kreidler (Wonder, Mute) 2000   
Eve Future (Wonder) 2002   
Mosaik 2014 (Italic) 2009   



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